November 28, 2023

Top 10 best popunder ad networks

Popunders is one of the best methods to generate high revenue to your blog or site. Thanks to today’s world, technology has advanced and their are many forms of advertising. One of best ways of advertising is the use of Popunders. So lets explore Best Popunder ad networks.

I assure you that Popunders has been in the industry for quite sometimes. Therefore, choosing the correct Popunders will enable you to generate high revenue as a publisher. In this article, i will take you through the top 10 Popunders that are trustworthy and reliable in the current industry. So, here are the best 10 pop-under-ads.

Top 10 best popunder ad networks

1 – Popads

Popads - Best popunder ad network in the world
Popads – Best popunder ad network in the world

Popads is one of the ad platforms that offer good payments. You will be able to receive fast payments on daily basis. Popads is also secure, with their SSL technology that is mostly used in banks. This ad network will enable you to select your desired rate. You are also allowed to refuse any unwanted ads or limit ad numbers to your visitors. Though the rates of this company will drop on weekends. Since at that time, the advertisers are mostly closed. In case you need a pup under with high security and revenue, Popads can be your best solution. so popads is one of best popunder ad network.

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2 – PopCash

Popcash - best popunder ad network
Popcash – best popunder ad network

This is also one of the best pop ads in the industry. In 2012, popcash was founded and it has proved to be one of the best. In this network, you’ll set it up easily and has quick earning potential. PopCash will reward you within a short period of time, hence you won’t have to wait for long. This ad network can also work together with AdSense. You will be able to use up to three Pop under ads together with AdSense. Moreover, it can be used with other Pop under ads networks. ‘

This ad network is also good when it comes to payments. They offer instant payments on daily basis. Their ads are 100% clean and safe, also they moderate. Its my favourite popunder network so i added it at top in our top 10 best popunder ad networks list.

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3 – Propeller ads

Propeller network is another great solution for Pop under ads. In 2020, it was listed as the best CPM ad network. With an experience of 9 years, this ad network is a choice for over 150 thousands publishers. With it’s unique features, big brands have also selected this company. Propeller ads will allow you to monitize almost 100% of your visitors. They offer good ads that are free from malware and viruses. Also, they have an ad blocking software called, adblock bypass. Impressively, no revenue cut will be initiated when using ad blockers. You can also earn through their referral program, as they offer easy payout. Propellerads is recommonded and best popunder ad network in Asia.

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4 – Adsterra

This ad network was founded in the year 2013. It operates across the globe, with more than 30k partners. They work to help their advertisers grow their ROI and meet desired KPIs. As a publisher, you’ll be able to use their advanced traffic solutions. This platform offers a number of ad solutions, including pop-under-ads. The company has advanced detection system, offering safest possible experience. This ad network has a vast number of payment methods. Moreover, it has an anti-block feature for higher CTRs and more revenue. Therefore, if you need a best pop-under-ads. You can consider adsterra, since it’s one of the reliable ad networks in the industry. So it is one of the best popunder ad networks.

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5 – PopMyAds

image 2 Top 10 best popunder ad networks
Popmyads – Best popunder ad network

PopMyAds is another great popunder for not only medium or large sized publishers, but also small sized publishers. With this platform, you’ll enjoy great international traffic and good rates. Your payment will be given on daily basis without any charges. Moreover, they will offer you with clean ads plus a dedicated support. You can join this ad network for a quick domain approval and more others as mentioned above.

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6 – Hilltopads

Hilltopads Review – Nowadays there are thousands of CPM, CPC, Popunder advertising networks in Industry Arriving daily and closing after some days.So there is confusion in Choosing Right one and most important Legit one. Who pays decent rates to publishers and process payouts in time and serves quality and real traffic to the advertisers. So here I am sharing HillTopads Review

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7 – RevenueHits

RevenueHits, another perfect ad network to select, With more than 20,000 publishers using this ad network. This network can be implemented in your content easily. You will be required to copy and paste the ad code in your website. Apparently, you will be able to see a preview before using them. With more than 5000 advertisers in this network, you can be sure of good rates. RevenueHits offers quick payments and you’ll enjoy a guaranteed fill rate to utilize your ad space.

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8 – ClickAdu

ClickAdu is another ad network that must feature in our list. This premium network will generate about 2.5 billion impression daily. Moreover, it has up to six advertising formats, they include popunder, push notifications,  video pre-roll, instant text messages, inpage push, and SKIM. ClickAdu will also enable you to monitize in a transparent and can automate ads via self service. You can register in this platform, then you’ll receive a dedicated manager who will help you to utilize your site’s traffic. After registering, you can opt for premium membership to enjoy advanced options like ad-blocking solution. You can monitize your traffic with this platform and enjoy zero transaction fee and their high CPM rates.

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9 – Admaven

In 2013, this popular ad network was founded. The best thing about this platform, is the global coverage provided through high quality and direct traffic. Therefore, you can get your targeted audience from any country. You will also be able to place your ads within a few minutes. Also, you manage your ads and earnings on their admin panel. In case of any assistance, you’ll be provided by an account manager to assist you. This network has flexible payment plans and their ads are safe, free from malware, and won’t affect your visitors. Admaven works best for large sized publishers, not that good for medium and small publishers.

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10 – ActiveRevenues

Top 10 best popunder ad networks
Top 10 best popunder ad networks

This is another Pop under offering great results to publishers. It allows you to monitize with a variety of ad formats, including POP, display banner ads and native ads. Also, they have anti-fraud systems that will ensure safe and quality traffic. Lastly, this ad network have a variety of payment options, including Payoneer, PayPal, wire and WebMoney.

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