September 28, 2023

Top 10 Best CPM ad networks for publishers & advertisers

Top 10 Best CPM ad networks – Are you a publisher or a blogger, looking forward to monetize your traffic? Try some of the best CPM ad networks to monetize your content effectively. With advanced technology, expect plenty of networks in the industry. It is not all about Google AdSense as the only alternative.

All the available companies will enable you to monetize your content. Before selecting a specific CPM ad network, you can check on our well researched list. The list comprises of the best CPM networks for both large and small publishers. You can consider one that you’ll find it right for you.

What are CPM ads?

This are ad networks that will pay you according to the number of impressions. Many CPM pay per thousand impressions. Therefore, with CPM you’ll receive money even if no reader is clicking on blog’s ads. To get the best results, you can place your CPM ads on prominent position of your blog or site. CPM networks will work best if your blog receives large volume of traffic.  Maybe you have thousands of traffic daily, expect good income. Expect a payment of 1$ to 10$ per a thousand impressions from most CPM networks.

If you are comfortable with CPM networks, here are the top 10 selection for you.

Top 10 Best CPM ad networks for publishers & advertisers

1 – – Are you ready to maximize your revenue?

Media net is one of the top CPM ad networks recognized globally. It’s offices are situated across Los Angeles, New York, Mumbai, Dubai, Bangalore, and Zurich. They run some of the best contextual ads derived from bing and Yahoo. You can try this awesome CPM network and start earning. You will receive cash Via PayPal account or wire transfer. They have a minimum payout of $100. So you can make decent income with this best cpm ad networks.

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Top 10 Best CPM ad networks for publishers & advertisers
Top 10 Best CPM ad networks for publishers & advertisers

2 – Adthrive – Earn the highest ad revenue Guaranteed

Adthrive mainly focuses on publishers and bloggers from  lifestyle staffs like parenting, home, food, DIY, travel, and more. However, it is not necessary for you to be on those niches so as to join, but advertisers from those topics are more likely to thrive with adthrive. Moreover, this ad platform mainly looks for USA traffic. Therefore, not the best option for publishers who receives vast global visitors. To apply, you’ll need to install Google analytics, and receive at least 10000 viewers per month.

3 – Propeller ads – Make more money with your traffic

Propeller ads is now a popular ad platform in the industry. It offers a variety of advertising format to advertisers and publishers, for instance, banner ads, Pop-under ads, Mobile advertising, and more. This network has some of the best CPM in the industry. You can join the platform and enjoy a variety of ad formats, like Popups and Pop-under ads. Also their mobile ads, for instance, dialog boxes and interstitial ads. Joining and implementing this network is easy. So must try this one of the best cpm ad networks.

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Best CPM ad networks popup popunder banner
Best CPM ad networks popup popunder banner

4 – Google AdSense – Best Ad network of all time.

This is a very Popular ad network that won’t necessarily need introduction. Therefore, for our list to be complete, we must include this amazing platform. This platform undoubtedly offers high CPM rates. However, to get approved you’ll have to adhere to their policies. AdSense will serve you with contextual ads, and it will find the appropriate locations then placing ads for you. They offer a minimum payment of $100. It will serve you with a variety of ad formats, for example Mobile ads, display ads, and search result ads. So no doubt it is best cpm ad networks in the world.

5 – Adcash – Monetize your website traffic and maximize your ad revenue

This is a fantastic ad platform, offering dynamic CPM optimization, for better user experience and monetization. Small publishers can also opt into this platform since they don’t have a minimal traffic requirements. Adcash supports several languages globally. Moreover, this platform supports different ad formats, like Pop-under, interstitial, native, and banner. You can try this platform, and enjoy a minimum payout of $25, or $100 for wire transfer. Though, this ad network has low CPM rates but they’ll pay you instantly in a variety of payment options.

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6 – Adsterra – the best ad network for publishers

Adsterra is another CPM network that’s growing very fast. You will not only monetize via desktop, but also offers Mobile monetization. Since 2013, this platform has been bringing publishers and advertisers together. Adsterra has different ad formats, for example Push, Pop-under, banners,  direct link, social bar, vast (video), interstitial, and social bar. There payments are done via PayPal, wire transfer, bitcoin, Paxum, and web money.

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Highest paying best cpm ad networks
Highest paying best cpm ad networks

7 – Mediavine – Ad networks to increase revenue.

Similar to adthrive, this ad network is suitable for lifestyle niches, for example, food, travel, home, and parenting. Just like adthrive, it does not necessarily require you to be on those niches so as to join. However, in Mediavine you can join easily unlike adthrive. Here, you only need a minimum traffic of 50000 per month.

8 – AdPushUp – Ad Revenue Optimization Platform

This is the best place for publishers who are searching high CPM rates. This ad platform has partnered with top ad exchanges like Rubicon ,Google, Criteo, and AppNexus to offer high CPMs. They have several optimization tools, such as layout optimization, header bidding, adblock recovery, AMP converter, automated A/B converter, and more. With a variety of optimization options and managed services, publishers can save time and only focus on website growth. Today, AdPushUp is working with over 300 big publishers, like Newsweek, Reddit, Network 18,, GSM Arena, CNET, and many others.

9 – Admaven – High CPM ad network.

This is another great CPM network with over 250 million users across the globe and 5 million impressions per day. This platform will enable you to monetize with a variety of options like Pop ads, banner ads, Push notifications, and interstitials ads. Moreover, the platform works with advertisers and publishers directly. It has over 100,000 advertisers and over 10,000 publishers. This platform has good rates and traffic is not limited to specific countries. Therefore, you’ll receive good ad revenue from traffic in any part of the world. You can sign-up to AdMaven ad network for quick approval and start earning.

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10 – HillTopAds – Make big money from your website.

Top 10 Best CPM ad networks
Top 10 Best CPM ad networks

HillTopAds is renown as one of the best ad platform for traffic monetization. This ad network receives up to 12 billion impressions per month across the world. You can monetize from their various ad types, like desktop and mobile Popups, in form of display ads, and in video. Make sure you attain their minimal traffic requirements to start monetizing. After successfully approved, expect a minimum payout, worth $50 via bank wire, PayPal, Paxum, bitcoin, e-payment, web money, and more.

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So here we have listed Top 10 Best cpm ad networks of 2021 we have listed them honestly without any sponsorship and all. Hope you loved the article. If you have any questions you can post them in comment section.


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