September 28, 2023

Popcash Review- Best Popunder ad network

Popcash Review: Popunder ad Network.

Today I am writing about Popcash review – Best popunder ad network best choice for publishers interested in making money with Popunder advertising. Popcash vs Popads are two best popunder ad networks in the world and working in the industry from many years I am using them from start and I made maximum of my income from Popcash and after it with Popads.

Popcash review Earnings proof
Popcash review Earnings proof

What is Popunder Advertising?

Popunder ads means the ads which automatically opens in another tab or window is called popunder advertising, in this case main window of your website will remain as it is so will not affect your page. So before starting Popcash review know some pros and cons of popunder advertising.

Pros of Popunder advertising

  • Ad networks pays highest CPM Rates for Popunder ad format.
  • Even if visitor doesn’t click on ads the ad will automatically gets open and you will get paid even if ad is not seen by visitor, thats main benefit of popunders.
  • Popunders are best suited for all kinds of sites high traffic website, Downloading sites, Game download sites, movie download sites, songs download sites, online streaming sites etc.
  • The earning potential of Popunders are higher than other ad formats.

Cons of Popunder Advertising.

  • Annoys visitors -Even it opens in side window still Popunder ads somewhat annoys visitors.
  • Visitors gets served with ads even when they don’t want them.
  • If you don’t choose right popunder ad network then it might serve malwares & Viruses. Popcash review – It serves safe and virus free ads.

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PopunderAds Recommendation – Can I use Popunder ads?

It solely depends on your visitor type & your website niche. I will not recommend popunder ads to Online book reading sites, Blogs which post articles as readers will get annoyed.

If you still wan’t to use Popcash popunder ads then set Popunders per visitor to 1 per day that way your readers will not et annoyed as one popunder is almost nothing. You can also disable Adult ads, Audio ads and video ads which disrupts reading of your blog readers. To customize your ads for better ad experience.

Popunderads are highly recommended to all types of downloading sites like Movie download, Music download, PDF downloads, Games and softwares download sites etc, It will also increase revenue of live streaming site, Onlinevideo downloading sites, Qoutes, Images sites, Jokes sites. The most of adult/porn webmasters use popunder ads as their main income source.

Popcash Review: Best Popunder Ad network.

Popcash Review - Best Popunder ad network pros and cons
Popcash Review – Best Popunder ad network pros and cons

Popcash is best popunder ad network pays highest CPM rates, Rates depends on country of visitor, Traffic quality etc, US, Canada, UK traffic will get high rates for other countries also they give decent rates per 1000 impressions. So in this popcash review i highly recommend to give them a try on your website.

Popcash is also Fastest paying ad network when you request payment from them it will reach your account withing some hours they process payments daily to publishers without fail, That’s best thing i like about them. Min payment is also easily achievable its only 10$.

Popcash offers payments via many methods like Paypal, Paxum, Skrill, Webmoney, Payoneer, Epayments. Along with these payment methods Popcash popunder network also started paying publishers using Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin.

Popcash Review - Payment  proof, CPM rates
Popcash Review – Payment proof, CPM rates

Popcash Review: CPM Rates, Payment proof.

Popcash Pays high cpm rates to their publishers to know about how much popcash pays to publishers go to original article there CPM rates along with earning report is attached which will clear your idea about popcash rates per 1000 popunders served. We have also attached recent payment proofs of popcash in original post so to check Popcash payment proof go to original link.

Join Popcash ad Network.

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