September 23, 2023

Plugrush Review: Best Adult advertising network.

Hello Publishers & Advertisers,
Here I am to answer your FAQ’S like What is Plugrush review, Plugrush alternatives, Plugrush payment proof, Plugrush CPM rates, Plugrush traffic review. So here I am to give detailed review of Plugrush adult advertising network.

Plugrush Review : Adult Advertising network
Plugrush Review : Adult Advertising network

Plugrush Review : Adult Ad network for Publishers.

As you know it is not allowed to operate adult website in India due to Indian govt. rules so I have take Plugrush review by many publishers and advertisers working with them. I got very good reviews about Plugrush ad network. Many publishers earning decent money by using Plugrush adnetwork . As AdSense don’t accepts adult websites to their ad network the Plugrush will be better AdSense alternative for adult blogs & Websites.

Plugrush Review , CPM Rates & Payment Proof

Plugrush is trusted & legitimate ad network pays publishers on time & serves Malware free ads. Also provides high quality traffic to advertisers websites that gives better conversion rate. If you ask me to rate plugrush out of 5 stars i will give them 5/5 due to their high CPM rates and on time payments.

One of my Adult Blogger friend from Bangladesh is using Plugrush ad network from 2015 & still he is using Plugrush only for every 10,000 pageviews to his website he is earning 25$ which is decent income every blogger wanna make.

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Plugrush Features

  • 99% fill rates all of Your visitors get served with targeted ads.
  • Worldwide traffic monetization – Never matters country of your visitors Plugrush accepts and monetize worldwide traffic through their partners and advertisers.
  • Premium CPM rates for high-quality websites and blogs.
  • Real time statistics – Filters available to breakdown your earnings in several ways like date, hours, countries and more.
  • Safe ad network – Ad inventory is monitored 24/7 Ad codes supports https protocol for protection.
  • Quick ad Setup – With our self-serve platform, you can implement our Main Ad Code in a matter of minutes to place ads on your site(s). Simply enable pops and push ads at the click of a button, and set up display ad zones (banners and native ads) where you want them to appear on your site.
  • On time payment with multiple payment processors option.

Plugrush Ad Formats

  • Display Banners
  • Push Notification Ads
  • Popunder Ads
  • Native Advertising
Plugrush Review : Ad formats
Plugrush Review : Ad formats

Plugrush Payment Details.

Plugrush Min Payment – 25$

Plugrush Payment Processors.

  • Paypal
  • Paxum
  • Wire
  • WebMoney

Plugrush Payment Threshold – NET30

Plugrush Payment Proof

Plugrush Payment proof 2021
Plugrush Payment proof 2021

Plugrush CPM Rates

One of my friends from Bangladesh having porn site earning 25$ daily he has 8k to 10,000 visitors daily
popunder rates- 1.5-4$ per 1000 popunder rates depends upon county. CPM rates are average 1.5$.
CPC rates 7-10$ per 1000 clicks mean 0.01 per click. but their ads are very interesting and so their ads get clicked many times so increase your earning chances. Below are Plugrush CPM rates for Asian Countries.

Plugrush CPM Rates
Plugrush CPM Rates

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Plugrush Review – approval Requirements.

No any special requirements It approves all websites and blogs It also accepts small blogs, Approves adult websites and blogs.

Plugrush Alternatives.

There are Many advertising networks working online, but not all are trustworthy. So i have researched & found Top 10 Best adult ad networks so find plugrush alternatives in below link.

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How to get started with Plugrush / Adcode Implementation?

  1. Register at Plugrush ad network
  2. Go to Sell traffic > Websites
  3. Fill up required details & click on register
  4. Click on your website Name
  5. Copy given Ad code & Add to your Website.

Plugrush Anti Adblock Technology

As you know browsers like chrome coming with adblock technolgies so affecting publishers earnings. So plugrush has solutions for adblocking like chrome 64.

Plugrush Anti Adblocker to increase revenue
Plugrush Anti Adblocker to increase revenue
  • With this program, It’s possible to /Safeguard your ads from adblockers like one made by chrome 64 browser as well as one like AdBlock.
  • 30% of internet users are using some types of blockers on their browsers Now you can also reach these visitors through this program.
  • Increase your revenue by 30-40% by reaching previously untapped visitors of your site.

So we have covered Plugrush review, Plugrush Payment proof & Plugrush CPM rates along with Safe ads program. Hope you like this article.

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